The Biography


His big interest and passion for music led Veysel Koryürek, born in Frankfurt/M., Germany, to play drums and gain success from childhood on to the present-day.  With the support and the incentive of  the Derdiyoklar Duo, a group of musicians that probably is among the first in Europe and much admired by him, he attended lectures in drum-instruction on professional level at the Academy for Music in Darmstadt, from the primary school until his highschool-age. Veysel’s very valued teachers Jörg Burgstahler and Thomas Weiler always have believed that Veysel is an exceptionally gifted student and that in the future he would become a very good drummer, so they encouraged him to also believe in this.  Also his family has supported Veysel, who showed artistic abilities already in his younger days. With his modest character and his preference to explore things single-handedly, his engagement with drums and music was a form of creating his own world.

bildThe important role music played in his life and his perfectionist characteristics led him to deal with music on professional level, which in turn led him to meet Herb Brochstein, the founder of Pro-Mark, who also exceedingly supported him.  From Herb Brochstein Veysel learned that he would highly benefit from attending drum-instruction courses in the United States of America.  As a result, he left for Los Angeles, California, USA in order to direct his career plans into the correct direction and to learn English.  There, he decided to take drum instructions at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy), where he attended drum-instruction courses from teachers of the most important musicians of the world, such as from Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Jerry Steinholz, Mike Shapiro, Victor Bailey, Mike Parker, Glen Sobel, and Mark Schulman.  At the same time, he diversified his musical skills by attending courses on professional level in jazz, fusion, funk, pop, rock and latin music.  He shared space on stage with various world musicians and the symphony orchestra.  Through his desire for overcoming his own limits, he gained experience by meeting musicians for American and world rhythm, listening to their artistic work, and performing with them. So he learned to play the same instruments.  With an intensified instruction-program Veysel Koryürek completed successfully the standard period of study of four years in one year on the American state-conservatory LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy).  Through the successful graduation of his study, he is the first Turk who got a diploma of this academy.

veyselBesides his studies at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy), he took private instruction courses from the best and most important musicians of the world, such as Michael Baker (who has worked solo, in studio, with Al Jarreau, and with Whitney Houston), Dave Weckl (who has worked solo, and in studio) and Jonathan Moffett (who has worked solo, in studio, with Michael Jackson, with the Jackson Five, with Madonna, and with George Michael).  In these years, Ahmet Ertegün, the founder of Atlantic Records, who played an important role in the American music industry and who got to know Veysel in the USA, also gave him spiritual support at all times.

Since Veysel Koryürek pursued the professional career of a musician, his passion for music made him go on his way undeviatingly. His musical talent as well as his character, together with his deep relationship to the drums have taken him into an important and special position amongst his colleagues.  In doing so, he set himself no limits. Veysel Koryürek still is regarded as an artist, who is open for changes and new effects in music without betraying the modern and authentic soul of  it.  While doing that, he will continue to inspire the youth of this world as a precursor.